September 28, 2007

SBEBB Redwork for Jean

Jean received my redwork yesterday, so I guess I can post it here now. It is Eliza Jane's Needlebook and Scissor Flat by Bright Needle. I used anchor floss for it and 32ct belfast cream linen. I am not the worlds greatest photographer but here we go..

September 27, 2007

SBEBB Grateful Hearts Exchange from Aniza

I received this beautiful Indigo Rose Design "Wildhearts" from Aniza on Tuesday! She made it into a lovely pinkeep and then added some wonderful goodies into the package. The fibers are ones she made herself, they have such beautiful color to them. And then to top of the package she added some very pretty trims for my future projects. Thank you so much Aniza, this was such a joy to open and everything was so beautiful!!

September 24, 2007

SBEBB Grateful Hearts to Cari

This is my Grateful hearts design for Cari for the SBEBB exchange. I used a Wendy K.C. Designs chart called Summer Hearts. It is stitching on 28ct antique white jobeline using grape melange and several other Thread Gathers Fibers. I made a biscornu and a scissor fob.. She received them today, so I can post this picture now..

September 22, 2007

SBEBB Harvest House from Cari

I received this wonderful package from Cari today. She stitched the cutest LHN over one for the hanger, isn't it pretty, so much work. She also sent a Halloween Mesh bag and a great Shepherds Bush fob and scissor kit, that has the floss and fabric (and scissors) with it!! She did a wonderful job and I love it all!!

September 21, 2007

SBEBB Harvest House to Chizue

this is the harvest house I sent to Chizue. The design is Nightfall by Lilybet. I made some changes in the design and used Autumn leaves by Carries Creation to do the leaves in the trees. It is stitched on blue boy linen 32ct.

September 18, 2007

Grateful Hearts

exchange for SBEBB was mailed on Monday. It turned out even better than I thought it would. So now I am waiting on two exchanges to get to my partners. I am almost finished stitching on my redwork exchange. It is different than any I've made before, I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully tonight I can start assembly on it. It has a lot of beads, so I hope that I will have it all finished by tomorrow night, so I can mail it out on Saturday (it has a very long way to go)!!!

September 13, 2007

Stitching, Stitching, Stitching

I really am stitching, I just can't show you pictures of what I have done yet. I have three exchanges pretty much all stitched, one gone, two in the need of assembly!!! As soon as they arrive to their new homes I will post them!!! I am trying something I haven't made before a needlebook!!

September 9, 2007

SBEBB Alphabet Quaker from Chizue

I received this beautiful pinkeep from Chizue in Japan. The pinkeep is so dainty and lovely and the goodies that came with it are so nice. I love the packaging the tea came in and the origami is so pretty. The fabrics are so bright and beautiful, I love the designs. Chizue, you did a fantastic job with this package..And I thank you very, very much!!

September 8, 2007

SBEBB Quaker Alphabet for Cathy in Australia

I really liked this one. I stitched it on 40ct linen and the lettering is over one, (okay, Ill be honest I didn't realize the lettering was over one when I started, I think I am getting too old to do that too often :) ).. It is Stitched with Plush Plum from Crescent Belle Soie. I also hit the DMC sales here to try to complete as much of Cathy's DMC collection as I could, LOL..

I really love the plum color and hope to use it for something nice for me sometime.

Here it is:
It is the Quaker Diamond from Hillside Sampling

September 1, 2007

CCRS Countries RR - Susan

Susan picked an African themed RR. I did the bottom 1/2 of the picture you see. It is done on a very pretty aida. Now it travels on to Scotland