October 25, 2010

WooHoo finished

Here it is:
Magic Dragon by Joan Elliot (freebie from Charles Craft)
on 28ct Opalescent Lugana
And here is what I started on:
Jardin d'Jour from Needlemania
on 28ct Goldspinner Lugana from silkweaver

October 20, 2010

Ribbon done on dragon

just the cloud and some stars left and the saying but that is no big deal!!!!!  I hope to have it done by the weekend and start something new...ummm what next.  So many dragons, fairies and designs and so little time...

A nonstitch post

A little reminder to everyone with children and for yourselves, make sure to lather up with sunscreen and keep fair skin covered in the sun even in the fall months when in prolonged sun.  Unfortunately I was sunburned rather badly several times when I was a child.  Well, I got the word on a biopsy yesterday that I have basal cell carcinoma, and as I was never a sun worshipper as a teen and in my later life the doctor says it all could have begun with those burns as a kid.  So take care of your skin and that of your children.  :)..

And stitch like crazy, LOL..

October 18, 2010

Magic Dragon

I have my fingers crossed I can finish this this week.  Going to really try.  I have another cloud and about 5 more stars to make, a few squiggles and the words Make a Wish to put on it.  Although I I am thinking about some wording changes.  Well here she is so far.
Everyone have a Good Week. 

October 6, 2010

Magic progress

A little more done on my Magic Dragon, the design was a freebie from Charles Craft with their Gold Dust Sparkle fabric. I am done with the wings now, so it is on to the clouds and the tail.