April 26, 2010

I made good progress

This weekend I got another section done and started section 10 of Inspiration. I would really like to finish this one by midsummer. We shall see, LOL. I am getting to see the town section of the piece now. I have made a few changes but not too many :).. Here is my current place. I will have to stop this week and finish up some ornaments for an exchange.

April 23, 2010

Some more progress

A little more progress on Inspiration this week. The color changes tend at time to make it slow going. Hopefully this rainy weekend I will have more time to stitch. I want to get a section done.

Have a Fantastic Weekend.

April 19, 2010

Some more Inspiration and a few friends

Okay, I actually am up to section 9 on Inspiration. I have decided to work on it till I finish it. I have to do a couple ornies this next week, but other than that it is Inspiration time.
Here is where I am now.
Vonna said I needed to add pics of the kitties. We have a total zoo here, but man do we have fun.

DC (9 year old black male)

Nala 1 year old red

Esme (Esmeralda Weatherwax 9 month old dilute tortoiseshell)

Callie (Calypso - 11 month old - Tortoiseshell)

(Mysty - 2 year old Maine Coon)

All of our cats are rescue cats and we are real suckers for a sad story. All were emaciated, some were ill and others were socially awkward, but now they get along really well. We have rehabilitated pretty much all of them. The Maine Coon Mysty is still a little socially awkward but she gets better everyday. She started out staying in a closet in a drawer the first two weeks now she lets everyone touch her and wanders around the house. Great progress I think for three months. Plus she has put on about 5 lbs. You could count every rib on her body when we got her and she weighed only 5 lbs.

April 14, 2010

Our Babies

I know this is a nonstitching post, but I have to show off our 12 week old babies. They are a lot of work, but are such a joy to have around and so fun.

This is dad Reggie.(above)

This is our little girl. Her name is Annie.. (above)
The little guy facing us is Beau (the one eating dirt is Annie, LOL)

and this is their brother, Artie. He has grey socks on his feet, LOL..
They are all Shih Tzus and way too cute, LOL. We hadn't planned on this many to start with but you know how things go and they certainly don't lack for attention in our house. Although Mr. Reggie is very stubborn.

April 8, 2010

Wow- No I didn't disappear

we have just been so crazy here at home. We have welcomed some puppies into our home and the kids have had a million things going on and, I know not an excuse. I promise to keep up more regularly.

Yes I have actually gotten a little cross stitch done these days. I have been working on Rosewood Manor's Inspiration. I am up to section 7 and here is what it looks like now. I really love this design.
I also started on Cat Lessons by Lizzie Kate the other night. Only gotten a little way on it. Please forgive the not so great pictures
Well I definitely feel in the mood to keep up to date these days. So see you all soon.