May 31, 2007

June Goals

It is a pretty big list this month, but I do have a full week off of work and the kids will be gone to band camp, so I hope to get a lot done that week.

1. NN Bookmark stitched and finished
2. Alphabet Sampler book Letter D And E
3. Flip Flop
4. June Blackstitch
5. More stitching on AMAP
6. Stitching on Quaker
7. Work on Christmas Mandala
8. Make a Biscornu
9. Fair and Square pieces
10. Work on Freebie Exch for SBEBB
11. Work on Lil Critters Ech for SBEBB
12. Work on NN Round Robin

May 27, 2007

Saturday and Sunday Stitching

I worked on my Chatelaine Christmas Mandala Exchange with Lin Saturday and Sunday. I got to this point. I have something else I need to work on tomorrow, but here is what I did get done.

Magnet Exchange Received

I received this gorgeous magnet from our magnet exchange at the Needle Nook (ezboard). Louise made it for me, she did a wonderful job and I absolutely love it.
Thank you so much Louise!!!

Bookmark Stitched

This is the stitched part of a bookmark I have been working on. I will finish it up next weekend.

It is stitched on a 28ct Opalescent Lugana, I believe from Silkweaver Solo..

Finished Bookmark

for RN, well at least the stitching. I can't post it in case my partner reads my blog, but as soon as she gets it, I will post a picture. I need to sew it together and fringe it which I hope to do next weekend because I hope to have the one for the Needle Nook done by then too..

I am working on my Christmas Mandala SAL with Lin today!

May 24, 2007

Fair And Square Idea

I think I am going to do my fair and square pieces that I receive in a book. I will make the front of each page the design and the back of the page the name and address. That way I can highlight each stitcher and not poke holes, etc in them. I will use Erica Michaels idea for the Alphabet Sampler book that I am working on to make it.. I will probably have to "frame" each picture in fabric to make the size work out..:)..Here is a picture of Erica Michaels Alphabet Sampler book

May 23, 2007

Almost finished with Bookmark

I am almost finished with all the stitching for my bookmark exchange at Robin's Nest. I can't post a picture so my exchange partner won't see it, but I think it is turning out very pretty. I need to start another one for the Needle Nook Exchange this week also..

May 20, 2007

Two More Pinkeeps

Well here are two more. The first one is from Stitchy Kitty - It is the Valentine Kitty Moon.

This second one is Kisses from Heaven from Sanman Originals..

May 19, 2007

My first Pinkeep

I am ready to do more now. I think I learned from my mistakes on this one, but I am ready to try a new one. This one is rather large, but I wanted to try on a big one first. This is a freebie Breast Cancer design from Ink Circles stitched with Carries Creation Threads.

May 18, 2007

Not as Much Stitching

done this week as I would like, but I'll kick on it today and tonight. I hope to get my bookmark done this weekend!! I joined the Fair and Square group this week and look forward to making squares and getting some neat things to make into little finishes.. The group is here I think it will be a lot of fun. I am in the mood right now for little things and my WIPs may not get too much done on them the next couple of months, but I hope to get lots of little things done. I will try to have some pictures tomorrow. I am going to turn some of my older finishes into pinkeeps and maybe a biscornu or two!!!

May 16, 2007

Bookmark Stitching

I am stitching a bookmark for an exchange on RN. I haven't made a bookmark like this one before, so I sure hope it turns out well. I love the fabric I chose so I am happy with that, although last night I had to tear out a large bit because I got off 1/2 a stitch (don't you hate that). I am thinking about trying to make a pinkeep in the next week. It will be my first. I also want to try a biscornu. Gosh, just so much I want to do, and I want to do it all now...LOL. Regular stitcher's dilema..

May 14, 2007

AMAP Victoria's Sampler

I've gotten to this point now.
Not too bad for only stitching on Sundays, although yesterday I did get a chance to do a lot of stitching. I have also gotten about 1/2 of my bookmark completed for my exchange at RN, but can't show it since it might be seen by the recipient..

May 11, 2007

Still Stitching

I just don't have any pictures to post. I am working on a bookmark for an exchange and I can't post a picture here, since it is a surprise exchange. I started one, but after tearing it out 4 times, I switched to a different one. I hope to get it in shape by the weekend and also get some more stitches into the AMAP and hopefully can put some pictures on the site!!

May 7, 2007

Exchanges, etc.

I have been trying to plan out the exchanges and RRs I have joined. My NN Round Robin will be a continuation of the Runekeeper by Dragon Dreams, there are 5 other stitchers and there are 5 places left to stitch. For the Fantasy one on CSRR I will use Dragon Dreams Gemstone Dragons and for the Countries one, I have some ancient egyptian designs to use. I need to grid the last to RRs to get them read and do some stitching on the Egyptian on. I have picked one of the bookmarks for the Robin's Next Bookmark Exchange. I'm going to wait and see who I get in the Needle Nook one to decide which bookmark to make.. I feel better now that I have made decisions on the designs and fabrics for these projects, I was really worrying about it!

May 6, 2007

A Productive Weekend

I finished the Anchor Flipflop Ornament from Cross Eyed Cricket. The stitching was done a couple weeks ago but I finally finished it up. I spent most of today catching up with my written stitching journal, finishing up projects like the flip flop and getting ready for some exchanges and RRs. So anyway, here is the picture of the ornie. It is stitched on R&R Reproductions 30ct linen - Parched Bones. I also got the magnet I made put together for another exchange I am in at the Needle Nook. It is my first magnet, so I hope to do better next time..

SMO May Blackwork

I finished my stitchalong at Needle Nook for the SanMan Originals May Blackwork. It is stitched on 28ct white opalescent lugana using Carrie's Creation Over the Rainbow (cutting the yellow out, because it would not show up).

May 1, 2007

First Day of Blackwork SAL (San man Originals)

Here is my current progress. I had to make a color change, this is Over the Rainbow from Carries' Creation. I cut the Yellow out though because it would not show up on the fabric!!

AMAP Victoria's Sampler

I started this on Sunday. I have changed the colors so far and am using Crescent Colors Bejeweled (the green color) and Rainy Days (the plum color). I am trying to use the same general colors I used in my Quaker Gameboard since I would like to frame and hang them close to each other..The fabric is 32ct cream Belfast Linen. I will probably only be stitching on this on Sundays, but we shall see.. I am stitching this as a SAL on the FGBB. Shame on Amy for getting me interested in this one, I blame my sudden like of Quaker's on her!!
Tonight I start back on the SMO Blackworks along with Robin, Tami, Louise and Dawn. It is the monthly blackworks. I need to figure out today exactly what color I want to use.