November 28, 2007

LHN Exchange from Aniza

I got this lovely bourse, and lots of fun goodies (including some of her beautiful handdyed floss) from Aniza. Isn't it pretty!

I am working on the bourse for my exchange and my F&S squares right now:)

November 27, 2007

SBEBB-LHN Exchange to Hitomi

This is the LHN exchange needlebook I made for Hitomi. The design in the Willow Tree Inn and I turned it into a needlebook.

November 24, 2007

Weekend finishes

I finished my first page of the Ackworth book and it is ready to move on now:).
I also finished my SBEBB Christmas Ornament...Now I am starting my NN ornie :)..

November 21, 2007

Recent Stitching

at least what I can show right now :)

This is what has been finished on a RR for a CSRR group I am in. I did the top 1/4 of it. It is a Native American Brave. The colors are very bright.

And this is my start on the Ackworth Friendship book. I think I can finish it up tonight!

It is stitched on 36ct off white linen with Carrie's Creations Fantasm.

November 19, 2007

Finished and started

I finished my SBEBB Rabbits Big Day Exchange and am mailing it out today!!! I also started my Ackworth Friendship book. I hope to finish my Countries RR which I am a few days late on but stuff got it the way. It appears everyone is a little behind on it!! Hopefully I can get a lot accomplished in the next couple weeks. I am going to pick out a couple ornament designs and try to get those done this weekend!!!

November 18, 2007

Fair and Square from Marg

This is the fair and square piece I received from Marg in Australia. She was also so generous and sent me JN Hummingbird Heaven. I really like the delicate look and feel of this piece it will go very nicely in my book

On a stitching note: I finished the Rabbit's Day exchange on SBEBB and will be sending it out this week!! Now to pick out some ornaments!!

November 15, 2007

SBEBB Harvest Time Exchange for Katrina

I used the LHN Acorn Hill for the design for this Pinkeep and scissor Fob for Katrina. This has to be the smallest Fob I've ever made, LOL..

November 11, 2007


Finished my LHN Specific Designer exchange!!! And I think it is one of my best creations!! I can't wait until I can post a picture. It is on it's way in the next few days. It has a very long trip ahead of it!!! On to my next project!!

November 9, 2007

Stitching on Exchanges

right now and am not able to get any pictures at this time. I am pretty sure my Harvest Time exchange should have arrived at it's new home by now since I sent it priority mail last Thursday! Hopefully I will be able to post it in the next day or two. Hope I don't have to worry about it getting there along with the one that hasn't shown up in Australia yet :(....

November 5, 2007

Ackworth Friendship book

A group of us and going to be stitching the friendship book together. Each of us has our own chart and we will each chose the color of floss and fabric and then we will each stitch a page for each other. Here are the colors my book will be and also a picture of the chart!

November 2, 2007

SBEBB Harvest Time Exchange

I received my exchange package from Jeanne and it is wonderful. I love the way she finished the Bent Creek design and would love to try it myself on one I have to do!! The whole package was fantastic! She sent me two wonderful charts from my wish list, threads, fabric and CHOCOlate, LOL..Isn't it pretty!!!

I finished Dawns RR but forgot to take a picture before sending it. It is a small grey/black cat! Her's is a Halloween RR. Tonight I'll get to work on the LHN exchange!!

November 1, 2007


I got a spurt of wanna, so I am working on Dawn's RR and it should be done tonight. I will mail it out tomorrow. My Harvest Time exchange is on its way and I have the LHN exchange to get to work on more. I also have a RR that needs to head out by the 15th...I want to get the LHN done first because it has further to go!! I am trying something different with it, so I hope it works out.. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures by early next week!!!