October 30, 2008

When the weather starts

turning colder, I start thinking about my stitching and if I accomplished what I wanted to this year. Well, as far as WIP, no I didn't but I sure stitched a ton of exchanges. I have thought about next year already and what I want to do. I think i definitely will be stitching much more for me, although, I will not leave the All Season Ornament exchange, F&S, Halloween RR and Hooked on Exchanging I am certainly cutting way back :)...I still need my exchange fix :).

I think 2009 is gonna be my fantasy stitching year. I want to finish my Phantom of the Opera (Mirabilia's the kiss) and work some of the many fantasy pieces I have including some HAEDs. So now I need to work on all my exchanges and RRs and get them done and try to be all caught up by end of year:

right now I have:
4 of Us exchange for Amy
F&S #10
Halloween RR (which will continue 5 or 6 more rounds)
MAW Gaby
MAW Carol
ASOE Thanksgiving Ornament
I don't have any friendship squares right now :(..

I have stitched the ornie (need to finish), Gaby's MAW is stitched (need to make pinkeep), Carols halloween RR is almost done (will mail on Saturday), and the stitching on Amy's is 2/3 done. that just leaves MAW and F&S 10 to go from scratch and I know what I am doing for both :)..Not to bad. I have a three day weekend this weekend so I hope to finish the ornie and Gaby's MAW this weekend and get a good close to finish on amy's exchange (sorry Amy it is late :(.... I need to start going through my WIP and see how many are fantasy and what I am aiming to set as my goals, :)..

October 28, 2008

F&S Thanksgiving to Janice

These are my Fair and Squares for Thanksgiving to Janice. I think she liked them. They are by Waxing Moon from the Autumn Mini's chart. I really liked the fall colors!

October 27, 2008

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Squares frome Janice

Aren't these the prettiest squares I received from the Fair and Square Exchange from Janice. I love them. Thank you so much Janice!!!

October 20, 2008

Replacement Stitching

I was on the list of replacement stitchers for F&S and Jen had not received her round 8 squares. She likes Bent Creek so I did these squares from the Autumn Snapperland set for her..The are stitched on 32ct Silkweaver Solo.

October 11, 2008

I received a couple wonderful Halloween Exchanges

My All Season Ornament exchange from Karen arrived and it is the wonderful "All Dressed up" blackbird from trix or Treats from Blackbird design and on the other side the black cat from the same book. It is trimmed in beads and hung by a beaded string. I love it.. First my Needle Nook Halloween Exchange from Christina. I love this design, you know me and dragons and the ornament is just wonderful. Thank you Christina. Then I also received my fair and squares from Mercy, aren't they cute. Thanks Mercy.

October 9, 2008

Needle Nook Halloween Exchange

Christina received the Halloween Exchange I made her yesterday. It is from a Barbara Ana design and I made it into a pinkeep.

October 8, 2008

HoE Halloween Exchange from Sharon

I received a wonderful Halloween Needlebook from Sharon yesterday in the mail. Isn't this just too cute. It is from Prairie Schooler and I have started using it already!! Thank you so much Sharon, I love it!

October 7, 2008

HOE Halloween Exchange for Leigh

Leigh received my HOE Halloween Exchange yesterday. It is a pinkeep I made of Drawn Threads Halloween House..

October 1, 2008

Ornie for Karen

got to Australia today. It is a Witch Crow from Blackbird designs Trix or Treats. I really like this design and want to make one for me too.