November 18, 2009

Penguins Ahoy

I finished the penguin biscornu last night now I need to work the base of the arm chair piece. I really like the way this one came out :)..

November 16, 2009

Gift Stitching

I am making an Armchair companion for my mom for the holidays. Penguins are a family favorite. This design is for the Biscornu that goes on top :)..It is from the Floss Box. The fabrics is opalescent 28ct lugana Spring Garden from Silkweaver.

Everyone have a GREAT WEEK!

November 9, 2009

A Little More AMAP Victoria Sampler

I got some more of this done this week, but I am running out of a couple of colors and had to reorder. Then I had a OMG moment and realized the date. I have Christmas gifts to make, this is going to have to go to the wayside while I get to work on those. How did this year go so fast. Well here is the picture of the AMAP and hopefully you will see some Christmas gifts soon :).

November 4, 2009

WooHoo a stitching finish and

I have been waxing nostalgic about some of my old projects that I have, ummm, slowed down on in the past (code word for set aside and haven't done a darn thing on). So anyway, I finished stitching the BBD Flowers for Sarah Needlecase but I am sure it will take me awhile to find the perfect fabric for the back and edges.
I also dug out my old AMAP Victorias Quaker which I am being creative with and making up colors as I go, I know, not always the best idea but who knows. Anyway here it is up to this point, I got quite a bit done on it this week.

Well off to work. Take care everyone, more later.