April 29, 2007

NN Magnet Exchange

I finished stitching my Needle Nook Magnet Exchange piece. It is a little large but I think it is perfect for my exchange partner. I am putting it in a magnet frame. I will make a fabric backing on it next weekend during my Sunday finishing hour :)..
Here it is so far. It is a freebie from JAR Designs.

Flip Flop Stitching Finished

I have finished stitching the flip flop for my SAL at Needle Nook. I still need to make it into a flipflop but that will be my next week finishing project. I'm finished out today :)..It is stitched on 30ct R&R Reproductions Linen - Parched Bones.
Here is the stitched part:

Peacock Chair Together

Well finally. It is not as good as I would like, I made a few booboos, but for my first try at something to construct, I'm not too unhappy. If I were to construct something again, I've learned a lot on this project.
Here is the front:
This is the back (above). I wish I had been perfect putting it together, but I wasn't. But overall I am happy with it. And it looks very cute on my table..

April 24, 2007

Current WIPs

I have a couple smaller projects going right now along with trying to finish up the Peacock Chair. I am working on a Flipflop SAL with Robin (who has already finished her's) Here is my progress so far, it is 30ct Parched Bones Linen from R&R.
The Christmas Mandala freebie from Chatelaine is taking a little longer. I am having counting issues, LOL. I guess I just can't get myself into it like I should. I will put more time in this week and maybe it will get easier..These are parts of the Peacock chair that I have gotten put together so far. The rest will be finished this weekend.

Letter C Sampler Finished

I did manage to finish the Letter C sampler by Erica Michaels. Once again I changed the colors and this is on Opalescent Sahara by Enchanted Fabrics.

April 23, 2007

Shame on me

I didn't get the finishing on the chair done this weekend. It was just way to busy, with way to much going on. In fact I didn't get too much done. Tomorrow I'll have pictures of I hope the finished Letter C sampler and part of my flipflop ornament. Then I will work on my Christmas Mandala and a magnet I need to get going on for an exchange. My RR at the Needle Nook is a finishing of one I started once before. So I really won't have much to get ready for that!!!

April 18, 2007

Not Forgotten

I haven't forgotten to post, we have just been so busy with soccer games that I haven't gotten too much done in the way of stitching, but hopefully tonight I can get more done and have some progress pictures to post. I am making some progress on the Christmas Mandala, although for some reason I am having trouble getting my stitches placed right. I am about 1/2 done with the Letter C sampler, I think I will probably work on it tonight. I am looking forward to getting the peacock chair put together this weekend!!! I am going out Saturday to get the materials I need to finish it. I am also going to try to get a flip flop stitched on Friday and then get it put together this weekend also..

April 16, 2007

Weekend Stitching

It was a serious weekend of the frogs. It seemed like I removed almost as many stitches as I put in this weekend. Don't know where my head was, but I had some serious counting difficulties. I worked on my SAL for the Chatelaine Christmas Mandala with Lin for most of Saturday (after the soccer games) and then Sunday morning, then became so annoyed with frogging, I changed projects. Here is where I got to on the mandala.
Then I went to work on the Erica Michaels Letter C Sampler. I changed all the colors to something brighter and it is stitched on 28ct Opalescent Sahara from Enchanted Fabrics. I'll have to make a complete list of the color changes and a record of them for my journal.
But even on this little thing I ended up off on the borders. It just seems somedays, you just aren't really meant to get anywhere stitching.

April 14, 2007

Chatalaine Christmas Mandala

Started this Freebie in a SAL with Lin of Cross Stitch Treasure (xstreasures.com). We exchanged freebies with all materials, and she and I send each other the same freebie. Since we both had it we decided to SAL. This is a conversion as seen on the Chatelaine board..

Here is what I got done last night:

It is stitched on 28ct Opalesent Raw Cashel..

Stitching Done - Peacock Chair

Well, I finished all the stitching on the chair. I won't get it put together until next weekend since I need to go get some of the materials for the finishing. I didn't stitch anything on the bottom of the chair because I am looking for the perfect charm or button for the bottom. Here are pics of the stitching:
Sides and drawer front:
Scissor Pocket and seat:

Total Piece:

April 12, 2007

Peacock Chair Update

Well I got two more parts of the chair stitched. I am hoping to have it all stitched by the end of tonight.
Here are the arms of the chair And here is the fob that goes with the chair as a cushion.
This is really fun to stitch and is going together really quickly. I really love the colors I am using for it and the Dinky Dyes are so nice to work with...

April 8, 2007

Back of Chair Stitched

I finished the stitching on the back of the Peacock chair in a speedy sugar frenzy (too much Easter chocolate).. I really like working with the Dinky Dyes.

Cat Whisker's Peacock Chair started

I got the layout done (whoopie, not much to look at). This has got to be my least favorite part of stitching, is gridding. Man, I hate that more than anything. But anyway it is done. I am trying to stitch on linen again after a good many years of running away from it...so we shall see how it goes. The chair is stitched with Dinky dyes and the actually stitching shouldn't take too long. It may take awhile to put together because I need to go gather the supplies for building the chair :).

April 7, 2007

Letter B Sampler Finished

The Letter B sampler is finished. I changed out the original colors for brighter colors. I used Carrie's Creations Hot Pink, Taffy, and Goblin Green. The yellow is a bright yellow DMC and the sparkle is a Balger Kreinik #4 Braid. I stitched it on 28ct Opalescent Dyeing4U Buttercream. The chart is from the Alphabet Sampler book from Erica Michaels and the Rainbow Gallery Site.

April 6, 2007

Progress on letter B Sampler

I have finished all the B's and added the border. I just have the flowers and butterflies to add, along with the stitch name at the bottom. I think I will have it finished by tonight.. This is my progress so far. I have changed all the colors and the fabrics. I am using Carries Creation Hot pink for the border, I'll list the other colors when I finish.

I joined a bookmark exchange on RN today and we will be starting a new Round Robin on the Needle Nook soon. I will have to figure out what I want to stitch for that. I am thinking the Dragon Dreams Alphabet, but haven't decided for sure yet. I still have to figure out a magnet for the Needle Nook Exchange too.

April 4, 2007

Sampler Letter B

April 4, 2007

By Erica Michaels. I have changed the colors to more pinks and yellows on a butter cream color fabric. I will try to have a picture for tomorrow. I have been working on it off and on for the last few days..Hopefully I will finish it on Monday, so I can do the prepwork on the Peacock chair this weekend..

Freebie Exchange

April 3, 2007 - I received my kit a freebie exchange (the Needle Nook BB) from Lin yesterday and I can't wait to start, but I have to. She sent me all the stuff to make the Chatelaine Christmas Tree Mandala with a conversion by someone from the Chatelaine board, it is so pretty. Here is the link to it http://p212.ezboard.com/fchatelainedesignsfrm81.showMessage?topicID=64.topic. We are going to SAL it and start work on the 13th of April. Looks like fun. She did change out the fabric for a sparkly cashel for me since she knows how much I love sparkly fabric..!!

April 3, 2007

Alphabet Sampler book

April 3, 2007
This is the sampler book I want to stitch up
I want to change the cover to a brighter color, and the pages will not be in groups of two. I hope I can get it to work out right. I will be stitching B today and hopefully will get it and C done before the weekend!!
The sampler book is from Erica Michaels and you can see more about it at ericamichaels.com..

April 2, 2007

Stitching Goals for April 2007

April 2, 2007
1. Blackwork April SAL (done) 4/2
2. B, C, D for sampler book
3. Work on Peacock Chair
4. Another Flip Flop!!!
5. Start Enchanted Fairy for PR month
6. Catch up with Halloween Gameboard
7. Magnet Exchange for Needle Nook
8. Do Chatelaine Christmas Tree Mandala SAL with Lin

SMO April Blackwork Done

April 2, 2007.
I finished the April blackwork this evening. It didn't have as many stitches or as many beads. The bunnies are actually much lighter, more of a cream color in the corners..

Here is the first row of the Year long Sal

This isn't the best picture but it is coming out really pretty, I wish the pictures had turned out better though...

I think I'll work on my alphabet sampler pieces the next couple days and then work on the prep work for the peacock chair this weekend..

April Blackwork Day 2

April 1, 2007
Here is my Day 2 progress. All of the regular stitching is done, now I just need to add beads and corner treasures...

April 1, 2007

Can Finally Post

April 1, 2007
the tidbits I stitched for Tanya. They turned out so cute. You can see the finished designs at http://tanyameehandesigns.com/designs.htm. But here they are in original stitched form (they look so much prettier on Tanya's site, though..