June 27, 2007

Just Nan

YAYAY! I'm excited I got my Just Nan Bluebird kit and Bellemeade. Now if she had just packaged a little time along with that so that I could get them stitched, LOL.. I am working away on exchanges. I've gotten all but the beads and treasure on my Little critters Exch and am about 1/2 way done with the freebie. I think both will be pin keeps. I found some wonderful fabrics to use with them, now to go ribbon hunting!!! Since both the exchanges need to be secret I can't post until they receive them, but I am stitching..PROMISE!!

June 24, 2007

AMAP Victoria's Sampler - June

I got a little more completed on my AMAP, it is really a lot of fun to stitch I just have a lot of exchanges, etc right now going on that I haven't taken much time to get very far on it. but I did get some stitching on it done, on my way to Iowa last week.

CCRS Round Robin - countries

I decided on the design for my countries RR. I wanted something Egyptian so I kinda of pieced together a design, cutting out the center part and make something like a tomb wall or papyrus type design. this is it started on 28ct Antique White lugana. The first mailing date isn't until August but I need to stitch the center column before I send it out.

June 21, 2007

My Fair and Square

pieces were received by Peg today so I can post them to the journal today. I am glad she liked them. The design is a freebie from http://pages.infinit.net/stitcher/freebies.html.

It was stitched on a very pretty piece of 32ct cream colored linen. Peg said she liked LHN and trees. Well it isn't an LHN but it is a very similar design and it does have a tree, LOL. I am glad she liked it and really am enjoying this exchange!!! Can't wait for the next one!

June 20, 2007

Received this square

from Peg from the Fair and Square Group. It is a Drawn thread design. Can't wait to see them all put together in a book. She also sent a siqnature piece with her name, location and date on it stitched in a very pretty backstitch alphabet. I have not posted it because it does have some personal info on it.. Thank you Peg, it is beautiful and you did fantastic stitching!

June 19, 2007

I fell in Love

with this design from Needlemania. It is Jardin d'jour. Looks like I'll have to dent the budget again.

June 18, 2007

Monday and back

Well my vacation time ended and I am back to work, but I did get some stitching done during my vacation. Both the bookmarks went out, I got one RR done, I stitched most of my fair and square piece and got a nice piece of the AMAP Victoria's sampler done and I got started on the W. Sampler.. Pictures in the next few days.

I plan on finishing the fair and square tonight and mailing it to Peg tomorrow. I also need to send fibers to Louise to start the fiber pass around package on Needle Nook. I plan on starting on my countries RR and try to get it done, asap..LOl.. It is going to be ancient Egyptian.. I have really scheduled myself the next couple of months for exchanges, rrs, etc, but I think it is good for me once and awhile, LOL.

June 14, 2007

Louise's Round Robin

from the Needle Nook. I finished my three squares on Louise's Round Robin. Here is the current picture of it. I am now working on my fair and square piece. I hope to get it done today..

Bookmarks finished

The above bookmark was stitched for Lin at the Needle Nook. It is stitched on 40ct graziano linen. I love the fabric. The very pretty dainty flowers made me think of Lin immediately. It is from a cross stitch book and was originally part of a design for a serving tray. This bookmark is for Robin's Nest Bookmark Exchange. It is stitched on 28ct opalescent Enchanted Fabrics Lugana. It is currently making it's way to Canada.

June 11, 2007

Lots of stitching

I received Louise's RR and I got the first 1 1/2 square done. This picture is what she has done on it.

I am working on it today and hope to have it done. I am also working on several exchanges and since they are a secret I can't post them here :)....

I hope to get a lot of stitching done this week since I took a vacation from work and our kids are at camp..!!

June 3, 2007

I Received

my bookmark from Christina yesterday from the Needle Nook. It is really cute and will work well when I get the new Harry Potter book!!