June 20, 2007

Received this square

from Peg from the Fair and Square Group. It is a Drawn thread design. Can't wait to see them all put together in a book. She also sent a siqnature piece with her name, location and date on it stitched in a very pretty backstitch alphabet. I have not posted it because it does have some personal info on it.. Thank you Peg, it is beautiful and you did fantastic stitching!


Vonna said...

It's quite beautiful isn't it?!!!!
Peg did a glorious job for your first page of your book!

Amy said...

Love the square and your book as it goes together!!! :-)

BeckySC said...

I love this design :) I stitched/finished it as a flatfold for KarenV :) I think this will make an excellent first page of your book :)