April 24, 2007

Current WIPs

I have a couple smaller projects going right now along with trying to finish up the Peacock Chair. I am working on a Flipflop SAL with Robin (who has already finished her's) Here is my progress so far, it is 30ct Parched Bones Linen from R&R.
The Christmas Mandala freebie from Chatelaine is taking a little longer. I am having counting issues, LOL. I guess I just can't get myself into it like I should. I will put more time in this week and maybe it will get easier..These are parts of the Peacock chair that I have gotten put together so far. The rest will be finished this weekend.


Vonna said...

Everything is looking fabulous...and those chairs...are really, really cute, no matter how many times I see them I think they are great :)

Andrea said...

The chair looks fab! I'm not sure if I have the nerve to attempt somehting that requires such complex finishing so kudos to you.