May 14, 2007

AMAP Victoria's Sampler

I've gotten to this point now.
Not too bad for only stitching on Sundays, although yesterday I did get a chance to do a lot of stitching. I have also gotten about 1/2 of my bookmark completed for my exchange at RN, but can't show it since it might be seen by the recipient..


Vonna said...

Love you AMAP VQ Terry :)
It looks wonderful!!
Send me your e-mail address to:
and I'll send you an invitation to join Fair and Square :)

Terry said...

Thanks Vonna, it's to you..I look forward to it!!

DaisyGirl said...

Your stitching looks wonderful. Glad you joined Fair and Square!

Annemarie said...

HI, I found you via Fair and Square, and I'm very happy I did. Your stitching is lovely! Isn't AMAP wonderful?

Terry said...

I love the AMAP, I am stitching on Sunday's on it, although this weekend I pushed it a little, LOL.

Sandy said...

Love your progress, I've got to get more done on mine and take a photo. TFS yours.