April 30, 2008

Rites of Spring

by Blackbird Designs was started last night. I originally was using a darker fabric but it turned out to be too dark and the colors weren't showing up. I switched to this one. I am not sure whether it is a Silkweaver or Enchanted Fabric. I think the design will go together rather quickly now though.

April 28, 2008

Weekend stitching

Well I got started on another project this weekend. I got the border done on the CC Sweet Treats design. I told Mom I would do it for our fairly newly remodeled kitchen. Heres what done so far. I got the border done, so now I am going to do a little stitching on the Blackbird Loose Feathers Spring Rites for the rest of the week :).. This is a 28ct Silkweaver solo Lugana.

April 25, 2008

Well at least I figured

out why I haven't been motivated to stitch. Appears I am over BP medicated, LOL. My blood pressure has apparently dropped some on its own and my medication dosage was way to much and my BP was way low, so I was having fatigue symptoms, so glad to have an explanation as to why I felt so tired and unmotivated. So now taking 1/2 the dosage and ready to stitch hopefully again. It think this weekend and I work on my Quaker samplers or a Blackbird design, HMMM, which should I do. Or maybe even the CC sweet treats, gosh, guess my BP is better already, LOL. I wanna stitch!!!

April 21, 2008

Very Little Stitching

has been going on lately here. I've been doing some organizing and trying to make some decisions on what to stitch, etc. I did make some progress on Sleepy Hollow.

I think I am going through another stitching evolution again. I think I want to get to stitching some of my fantasy pieces again. It seems like every couple years I go through some kind of change of what I want to do, LOL. I am so weird. I'm digging out the Mira's, Passione Ricamo's, HAED's and Teresa Wentzlers. I am redoing my plans and goals for the rest of the year. We shall see, LOl. Hopefully I can get the stitching bug going again..

April 9, 2008

To Rotation or not to Rotation

Okay, I'm back to doing almost all selfish stitching again, a couple small things to do by summer, but not much..But I have a lot of big things I'd like to do for me. But with my lack of attention span on any one time I have to change off. I am trying to decide whether or not to go back to a rotation system similiar to my old days (loosely based, not time limits or minimum times) or just wing it..I have several designs I really want to get done this year, but oohhh, I love to do other things...I am such an addict..What to do, what to do.

April 7, 2008

Weekend Stitching

I managed to get some good stitchine time in this weekend.
I finished my square in Darla's Ackworth RR. It is the Hollyberry colored one.

Then I got this part of LHN's Willow Tree In finished for another Exchange!!

April 6, 2008

Earth Day F&S from Melissa G

I received these very pretty squares from Melissa last week. I was unable to post to the Fair and Square blog for some reason, but I can post here, not sure why. So here is the picture. I love the squares and all the goodies, unfortunately the chocolates disappeared in the daycare before they got added to the picture..Thank you so very much Melissa..

April 3, 2008

Did you ever hit a

roadblock in your stitching because you have obligation stitching to do, and you really, really want to stitch something you are dying to start, but if you do that you feel guilty....so, you do nothing. I kinda hit that stitching block this week. So...I guess it is time to get all the obligations done and then I can stitch fun stuff, so the rest of the week and weekend is devoted to catching up the obligations and then on to fun stuff..

April 1, 2008

Dragon Carousel Floss Toss

Okay, so I finally got everything together for Dragon Carousel and hope to start it maybe this weekend. I chose to use Enchanted Fabrics 28ct Hocus Pocus linen for the fabric. It is one of my favorite fabric colors for night or dark backgrounds. So here it is. I think it is going to be so pretty.