September 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day

to sign up for the Harvest/Thanksgiving/etc. ornament exchange at the All Season Ornament Exchange

I've been trying to stitch like crazy but not getting as far as I wish. I have a couple finishes but can't show them yet :)..

September 22, 2008

Halloween F&S to Mercy and MMI RR

Although I haven't heard from Mercy yet, I sent these squares priority early last week, so I am going to assume they are there. The design is Batty Hatty from Just Nan (or at least portions of Batty Hatty).
I also decided on my theme for my MM&I Neighborhood RR. It is going to be an imagination village or town. It will contain all kinds of things from imagination, dreams, fairy stories, etc. I will use my daycare kids as my inspiration, my nephew's and my rather vivid imaginations :)..

September 18, 2008

MAW for Lisa - Ruler Pocket

I was striving to make something different than all the regular stuff you get in the exchanges, so I decided I loved this bright little design from Blackbird designs and made it into a ruler pocket. it holds a 12" ruler for stitching.. She received it yesterday, so here it is.

September 16, 2008

Exchange to Rosalie

The first goodies I sent to Rosalie.. This

got lost in the mail. So as a replacement I did something different in hopes that the previous one might someday show up. Rosalie got it Friday. Sorry pictures are terrible had to use a different camera.

September 11, 2008

MAW Exchange from Karen

I received this gorgeous Dragonfly fob from Karen. It is so pretty and delicate. I love the colors and the back that says stitching friends. I decided it is too pretty to attach to a pair of scissors so I am going to hang it as an ornament on my ornament tree. Thank you so very much Karen, I love it. You did such a beautiful stitching job on it and I will treasure it.

September 9, 2008

What a surprise

A few months ago my finished RR of the Runekeeper got lost in the mail on its way home.

My friends at the Needle Nook did this for me.
Isn't it fantastic. I just can't find the words to express how I felt when I saw it. Thank you so much: Louise, Lin, Darla, Tanya, Lori, Jean and Vicki. The fabric was handdyed by Lori at Enchanted Fabrics..

September 7, 2008

HOE Needleroll to Carla

I stitched M Designs Little Pink houses as a needleroll for the Hooked on Exchanging Needleroll Exchange. It was stitched for Carla. I made a few exchanges and it is stitched on Enchanted Fabrics Evergreen..She received it Friday and says she likes it. I'm glad..

September 1, 2008

Finished Louise's Ackworth Page

YAYAYAY! My goal was to get both of these done this weekend and I made it!!! Now on to a couple of exchanges I won't be able to post right away. I have to remake my exchange for Rosalie because the one I sent her was lost in the mail, so I need to resend :(....