March 31, 2009

A Little Inspiration

I suddenly had this desire last night to put a few stitches into Inspiration (and I couldn't find the floss for the BBD I am working on, LOL). So I decided to make the SAL I am doing with Vonna on this start a day early. Here is where I am now. Sorry, guess I could have done better with the picture :).

March 30, 2009

Some Stitching this Weekend

I finished up my CCN Garden Party Dragonfly, I love Dragonflies. I started this one while I was in the hospital but didn't get too far. Here he is all finished. Haven't quite figured out what to make him into, any suggestions.
Then I worked on the Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons along with Vonna and Amy. Somehow the way this year has gone, this design has special meaning to me. I am stitching it on Picture This Plus Crystal Chime 32ct linen. The fabric has such a pretty tint to it. I love the way it is coming out.
This week I try to get on my schedule until Friday, then I am going to spend a couple days staying at the hospital with my Mom while she has knee surgery so I will work on some small projects :). Oh and I did figure out what to put on Vonna's Witching for Stitching RR and my ornie for the exchange..YAYAYAYAYAY.. See Ya all later..

March 23, 2009

WooHoo Finally

stitching again. Just working on something small this weekend but I think I got my stitching bug back again...yayayayayayayay. I am working on Garden Party Dragonfly and it should be done tonight. Hopefully I will have a picture tomorrow and get back on my rotation of days going again...


March 9, 2009

Cautionary Tale and Thanks and Love Sent out

Hi Everyone so sorry I have been away for so long. It was so close to being forever. I don't write about my personal life much but I am doing so now as a cautionary tale to all of you to watch and advocate for yourselves. I had a spiral fracture to my right leg in January and it was surgically repaired. No one in my family has had blood clot issues and the doctor did not feel it necessary to put me on any blood thinning drugs. Almost one month to the day of my surgery I started having shortness of breath and extreme fatigue after writing it off as a bad cold on Thursday evening I crawled into bed. Friday morning I woke up and could barely move, 2 steps, lie down, catch breath, 2 more steps. My sister rushed me to the ER. It turns out I have a saddle Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot) blocking both sides of my lungs at the top and putting pressure on the right side of my heart. I am one of the lucky ones, I almost died in ER but I did not thanks to quick thinking family and friends, the fatality rate for my type of PE is approximately 80%. I have now spend 10 days in the hospital and will spend another 6 to 8 months on drugs to thin my blood and help the clots dissolve. At the same time this condition can now cause my squeezed heart to develop problems.

My caution is this tale is that you need to advocate for yourself with the doctor. I should have pushed on the blood thinners for the surgery, I should have questioned more about clots. Anytime you see a doctor, make sure they know your entire family history and question question question.

The Most Important Thing I learned: My stitching friends are the greatest friends in the world. Special thanks to Amy, Vonna, Christina, Robin, Brenda and Vicki, for all the love, support, prayers and kindness in the world.
Without all of you and I am sure I wouldn't be here :)...

Anyway off my soap box. I hope to get out of the hospital today and quit being quite the human pincushion and start stitching. See you all around :)......Watch for some stitching to appear here again very soon.