August 31, 2010

Magic Dragon as of now

Well I do have a little more done on my dragon.  I am currently trying to figure out where to go next on it since I am missing part of the key, hopefully I will here from Charles Craft soon and will know..  Here is a picture as of now.

August 30, 2010

No I have not disappeared,

someday I will be back on track.  Well actually I stitched yesterday for the first time in weeks and it felt good.  Instead of spring cleaning we do fall coming cleaning.  And it has been crazy.  Will post current pictures of Magic Dragon Soon...  My puppies ate the bottom of the chart with the symbols and I have to figure out what some of the threads were, wish me luck. 

Also finally posted the new ornament exchange for Halloween on ASOE

Well off to work, grumpy 1 year old here today..  Have a GREAT WEEK.

August 2, 2010


I am back to stitching. I just ran into a big stop about three weeks ago. I didn't want to stitch anything. I decided to break my rut I had to just put all that I was working on up for awhile and go a new direction for awhile. I got out some of my want to start dragon projects and started one, Make a Wish (Magic Dragon) freebie from Charles Craft and I am starting to get my mojo back. I didn't get too far but here is where I am nowI picked out and kitted 4 more of my dragon pictures so we shall see what happens :)..

Have a Stitchy Week