January 8, 2008

Still trying to get

all my obligation stitching done. I'm afraid I lost heart a little in it, but I will get it back. The Winter house needs to go out by the 10th and the stitching should be done tonight. then I can make the pinkeep tomorrow evening and have it out on the 10th. I has a Friendship book page to make and a fob. I should be all done by the end of the weekend. I guess I picked a good time for selfish stitching since another exchange group will be gone. I am only going to be doing very few exchanges, the F&S, a private one and the friendship one this year. My Frosty and Winter Quaker exchanges should be arriving soon to their new homes and I will finally have some more pictures to show off.. See ya all..

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reneexstitch said...

Hey Terry,

It's Renee in SC-part of your Ackworth Friendship RR. I was over at Amy's yesterday (was suppose to be dropping off RR and ended up shopping too.) Amy showed me a picture of you. It was so nice to put a face to your name. And, I might I say, you have very beautiful skin. That is the
1st thing I told Amy when I saw your picture. I have been studying your blog for ways to get mine up and going. I have been so busy that tonight was the 1st time I got back to it. Anyways, don't fret about being in a blah mood about stitching. That happens to me sometimes. Just remember when all is said and done at the end of day, nothing brings more joy than stitching. It blocks out crud at work, issues with people, (raising teenagers, ha ha)and is just plain relaxing. So pick up that needle and thread and design your next masterpiece! Happy Stitching.