July 26, 2009

My Weekend Stitching Fun

I actually Got things Accomplished this weekend. Vicki and I worked together on this sewing pocket for my Mom's birthday. The pink ribbon and blue buttons are not so bright but much more subtle, LOL. They do compliment the pocket more than it shows here. This is the LHN design To Thine Own Self be True..
I finished up Spongebob.Then I finished Hannah's Rr for Witching for Stitching. This is my cat from Prairie Moon.
I also started an ornament for my ornie exchanges. I am working on an aida bag for my mom for her birthday with all the families first names on it. Hope to get it done by Tuesday evening. Cross your fingers, I can't work on it when she is around, LOL..

Have a Great Week.


Vonna said...

that stitching pocket is da' bomb!
I LOVE it!!

staci said...

Awesome finishing! I'll be sure not to let my youngest see spongebob, otherwise I'll find myself having to stitch one too, lol ;)

Kim B said...

You have been productive! Love that pocket!

Cindy F. said...

Awesome weekend Terry!!
Congrats on all your finishes!!
The sewing pocket is beautiful and the pillow is just TOO CUTE!!!
Love the cat on the RR:)

Jennifer said...

I saw Vonna mention your love of Halloween on her blog, so I came to YOUR blog (sometimes I read my feeds in backwards order) because I immediately thought of a post on my former LNS' blog...


Check out some of the halloween designs they have posted!

Carolyn NC said...

Love your finishes - especially how you finished the pocket!

Sharon said...

Your finishing looks awesome! Love the stitching pocket. Would mind telling me where you found the Spongebob pattern?