August 24, 2009

Some Weekend Stitching

I have narrowed myself down to two main pieces I will be focusing on. Not that I won't stitch other things as I go along, but these will be my primary.

First I worked on my QS Dark Cherry all of last week. I know it doesn't look like much accomplished but I did get some done.
I also picked up Sleepy Hollow that I started last year. I got the headless horseman done and started on Icabod and his horse. I hope to at least get this center piece done before Halloween. This is a triple piece by Cross-Eyed Cricket. You can see it here. I will continue working on this one through the week, then probably go back to Dark Cherry on the weekend.. The fabric is opalescent Enchanted Fabrics Hocus Pocus.

Everyone have a Stitchy Week!


Carolyn NC said...

Nice stitching - love that fabric for Sleepy Hollow!

Kim B said...

These are great focus projects!