December 28, 2009

Book of Spells

did not get finished :(. But I did get this much done and I figure it should be done by tomorrow night. Vicki has decided she would like to put it on top of a needlework tool box, so we need to start looking for one the right size.I got a really cute Halloween set from my sister Vicki for Christmas. Here it is. I love Halloween stuff. She and the kids also got me several HAED's for Christmas too :)..
Well off to the daycare kids. I will try to be around more now. Have a GREAT WEEK!


Deb said...

I just love your Book of Spells. Did you do that on an opalescent fabric. I'd love to know what it is because I've got this chart in my stash and hope to do it next year. And wonderful gifts you received too.

staci said...

I really like your Book of Spells and the fabric couldn't have been a better choice!

What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your sister...enjoy!

Kim B said...

Such a wonderful project!

Sharon said...

I love your Book of Spells! I forgot I had that pattern until I saw yours. Love your gifts!

Suzanne said...

I love the book of spells, it looks fabulous. Great gifts you received.

Have a happy new year!