February 21, 2011

Yes I fell off the radar

for several months.  I just kinda went away for a little while.  I haven't picked up a needle in three months.

But I am ready to go now.  I have been organizing the ole stash pile this weekend and decided to go a new direction.  So I have all my stuff together and will be starting I believe a Passione Ricamo this week.  I am only going to start some new stuff for awhile and then go back to the old later, gotta get my groove again.

So here is my list of most want to do's now (not in a particular order)

Water Goddess - Joan Elliott
Earth Goddess - Joan Elliot
Fire Goddess Joan Elliot
Fire - Fire Wing Designs
The Heir - Pangaea
The Brat - Enchanting Lair
Daisy Dragon - Kustom Krafts
Connect with the Universe - Janlynn
Mermaid Heaven - Pinn
Turkish Delight - Ink Circles
Smoke - Fire Wing Designs
Little Snap Dragon - Kustom Krafts
Fairy Tale Sampler - Dragon Dreams
Morning Fae - Passione Ricamo
Charmed Sorcerer - James Himsworth
Blossom Splendour - Joan Elliott
Rosings - Stitching Parlor
Circe - Passione Ricamo
Selene - Passione Ricamo
Fairy of Dreams - Passione Ricamo.

More later


Christina said...

Glad to see you back! That is a very ambitious list. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome back! Look forward to seeing more posts as you get your stitching groove back!!


Vonna said...

I've been wondering about you....figured you needed a refreshing break :)
Glad you are back!