August 9, 2011

My Stitching Bucket List

Okay, I finished a biggie and was thinking about my rotation.  Then I sidetracked to thinking about what I would like to stitch sitting there in my stash.  Then I got to thinking about how I am getting older every day and would I even have time to stitch them, LOL  Okay anyway I decided to make up a stitching bucket list.  So here is my list of stitching I would like to do before I am unable to stitch anymore (for whatever reason).
LHN - Home of A Needleworker 2
DSOTM - Pirate Queen
Passione Ricamo - Circe the Sorceress
Kustom Krafts - Little Snapdragon
Joan Elliott - Mystical Muse
Patricia Allison - Dragon Carousel
Nora Corbett - Fern
Nimue - Clair de Lune
Joan Elliott - Sea Goddess
Joan Elliott - Blossom Splendor
FireWing - Dragonfly 1: Mushroom Magic
Passione Ricamo - Seasonal Fairies
Joan Elliott - Elemental Goddesses
Dark Side of the Moon - Vana and the Dragons
Joan Elliott - Iris Fairy
Joan Elliott - Green Goddess
Nora Corbett - Pansy
Mirabilia - Sept. Sapphire Fairy
Joan Elliott - Rose Fairy
Joan Elliott - Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn Fairies
Mirabilia - South Seas Mermaid
Joan Elliott - Rose Goddess
Nora Corbett - Iris
Joan Elliott - Moon Goddess
Nora Corbett - Bluebell Fairy
Nora Corbett - Sweet Pea
Passione Ricamo - Galatea
FireWing - Eclilpse
Joan Elliott - Fancy Fairy
Joan Elliot - Poppy Fairy
Passione Ricamo - Fairy of Dreams
Passione Racamo - Selene
Joan Elliott - Blue Geisha
Joan Elliott - Celestial Dragon
Joan Elliott - Father Sun
Mirabilia - Fairy Flora
Dragon Dreams - Fairy Tale Sampler
Nora Corbett - Tiger Lily
Nora Corbett - Magnolia
Passione Ricamo - Serendipity Fae
Man, hope I can stitch a very long time..


Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

get that needle flying :)

demeter83 said...

Love this idea, think I might have to pinch it for my blog!
And that's a gorgeous selection, I can understand pretty much all of those charts

Sandy said...

Having a Stitching Bucket List is a wonderful idea I think I will use your idea to start my blog. I will remember to credit you when I do.

Sandy in NJ

Babs said...

I have a long list aswell.

Have you seen Nimue designs aswell? They are lovely.

Terry said...

Love Nimue designs too. Have one but forgot to put it on list, LOL.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful idea! I will have to make me a list too. You have some great choices on your list-I hope you will stitch them all!

Kaisievic said...

I love the idea of a Stitching Bucket List - I am going to have to ponder about mine.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that is some crazy list. I wouldn't even dare start a list. I'd have heart failure and wouldn't live to 102 to finish all my stiching.