April 1, 2012

Tigerlily 4/1/12

I had a long weekend and was able to stitch.  I am learning how to stitch between shakey periods.  I've learned how the medications take hold and how long it takes them to be effective and how long it lasts.  I work during good times and lay off during bad so it isn't frustrating and I can get more done.  Sometimes I need help threading needles since the shake never goes away completely but during good times I can concentrate for a little longer time when them meds kick in.  When they aren't it is like having  ADD, lol.  So enough whinning basically I am getting a handle on it.  And here is what I accomplished.

Going to change charts now and do another in rotation.  Either the Fire Wing Eclipse or the Jardin D'Jour I started last year by Needlemania.

Have a Great Week.


Veronica said...

Your needle has been smoking! A lot done since your last post. At this rate, we'll be having a happy dance soon. She's still as lovely as ever.


Christina said...

Gret progress!! I'm so glad you are staying strong and determined to overcome your illness.

Laura said...

Beautiful! Love the linen color.

Dee L said...

You aren't a whiner! You are amazing in how you are coping and still doing what you love to do.

Sharon said...

Terry, I gave you a Leibster award on my blog.

Lelia said...

beautiful stitching!

Happy Spring