February 28, 2007

My Round Robin has Returned

It is now home. Vicki put the Imagination Creation on it the last few days (the mermaid, unicorn, dragon creator) from Dragon Dreams. Lori did the Fairy from Passione Ricamo. Tanya did the very pretty Just Nan flowers and Jill did the panda and sports. The theme was to stitch what you liked to stitch. I, of course, did the Dani the Dragon from Dragon Dreams at the top!! Everyone of them did an absolutely fantastic job!

I pulled out all the basting stitches, so now I probably need to put a border around the sections, but I am still trying to decide. I think I will finish it as a wall hanging, kind of a wide bell pull...

Stitching Goals for March

I managed to finish all of my February Goals this time around, so I am being ambitious for the month of March..

March 2007 Goals
1. Holiday Ornament - Christmas at Bunnyip Billabong
2. Blackwork Sal - March (start 3/5)
3. Flip Flop Ornament from Cricket Collection - Always Summer Palm tree with Robin (march 15)
4. Stitch on Egypt Garden at least 1 weekend.
5. Stitch on Midi Mystery at least 1 week of evenings.
6. 1 square on my seasonal RR to finish it..
7 1 square on Runekeeper..
8. Start and finish model for Tanya. (finished 1 3/18/07)
9. Try to keep up with posting my SAL amounts!!

February 27, 2007

A Quick Finish

I finished up the Letter A Sampler I started on Saturday. It is a freebie from the Rainbow Gallery Website by Erica Michaels. It is part of a series to complete the alphabet. There is a book to show how to make these samplers into one small alphabet book. I am going to try to make it. I have converted all the colors to ones I liked. The fibers are Needle Necessities, Petite Treasure Braids and Kreiniks. The fabric is 28ct Enchanted Fabric Sahara Opalescent Lugana.

February 25, 2007

Seasonal Dragons RR

This is my seasonal RR from CSC. I have not stitched my portion of it yet. I just received it back yesterday. I want to finish it this month!! My first completed RR when I get it done..

The Kiss - A little more done

Her hair is a real pain. But I got a lot more done this weekend, although it doesn't necessarily look like it...I still have a little brown to do and then lots of beads through her hair. I have decided to next move to his clothing and give him the appropriate hair style, LOL..

February 23, 2007

Dragon Dreams Runekeeper

I finished the warrior princess on this piece last night. She turned out fairly well. Only 5 more to go. If I work on one a month, I should have it done by summer sometime. This design is stitched on 28ct Silkweaver Tutti Fruitti and was a RR that I now need to finish up..

So here is where the piece is at right now:

February 22, 2007

February Hearts Exchange

I got this very pretty pillow as part of the February Hearts Exchange on the Needle Nook Board. It is by Tanya of Tanya Meehan Designs. It is one of her very pretty designs.

Runekeeper progress

Here is where I got to on the warrior princess through last night. I am hoping to finish her tonight or at least be very, very close!!

February 21, 2007

Dragon Dreams Rune Keeper

This is actually a round robin I started last year. Others have stitched 5 of the squares (not all of them are shown in the picture, but it is the only one I have at the moment). I am working on the center top row design which is the warrior princess. I got her face, hair and sword hilt stitched last night. There is a lot of backstitching in this piece, as there always are in Dragon Dreams designs, but it adds so much detail to the design.. Hopefully I will have it done by the weekend so I can work on the Kiss for the rest of the week.

Dragon Dreams RuneKeeper

stitched on 28ct Silkweaver Tutti Fruitti Lugana

February 19, 2007

The Kiss

Mirabilia "The Kiss"

This is a long term WIP. It is the Kiss from Mirabilia but I am adapting it to be a Phantom of the Opera type piece. It is slow, but I hope to finish it this year. I am trying to get at least 1000 stitches into it each month (I know I need a lot more to get done by the end of the year, but I will get there).. It is stitched on 28ct Silkweaver Shimmering Romance Lugana. This picture was as of 1/14/07..

February Hearts Exchange

This is my design which was sent to my exchange partner for our February Hearts Exchange. I believe it is Vintage Bliss Designs "Love is in the Air" (sorry not my best picture taking:( )

Halloween Gameboard SAL

This design is from Tanya Meehan Designs and a few squares are released each month. I finally got it caught up. It is stitched on 28ct Enchanted Fabrics Fuzzy Navel Opalescent (do you see a trend here) Lugana. The fibers are GAST and DMC..

SMO Blackwork SAL

We are having a SAL on our community of San Man Originals Monthly Blackwork (members of SMO board only charts). We are trying to do one of these a month. They are 60x60. I am stitching all of them on 28ct white opalescent lugana. 4x4 (I am adding two extra blackworks at the bottom and the year and my initials..)

The first is January. It is stitched in Carries Creations Thread - Snowflake, using clear beads (stitched on with the snowflake thread to match the colors), and in the corners are Mill Hill Treasure Snowflakes.

SanMan Originals January Blackwork

The February Blackwork was stitched with Carrie's Creations Thread - Love Always. It also used clear Mill Hill beads stitched with the Love Always to match the beads to the design. The corner treasure have not come in yet, but will be red hearts...

SanMan February Blackwork

Just Nan Girls Night Out

This has been hanging out in my stitching stash drawer for quite awhile. I am unsure what the fabric is, it is either a solo from Silkweaver or an old Dyeing 4 U fabric, unsure. It is 28ct opalescent Lugana..

2007 Ornament Plan

My plan for this year is to get at least one holiday ornament done a month to decorate the tree I use for the daycare during the holiday season...The first two I have done are Just Nan's. They are fairly small and are stitched on 28ct Enchanted Fabrics Dragon Mist Opalescent Lugana using DMC flosses..
Snow Bonnets

Snow Faces

I plan to finish out the ornaments by October with fabric backing and fiberfill, with ribbons for the hangers..

I also have a 7 foot silk tree that is where the holiday tree goes, that is there the rest of the year. I plan to decorate this tree for seasons or holidays. I want to make the really cute flip flop designs from the Cricket Collection called Always Summer I, II, III. These are approximately 2 1/2 x 4 size flip flops that are cross stitched and then mounted on craft foam (for the soles) and hung by a ribbon. They have cute designs and buttons holding the strap at the center. That will be my summer designs. Then I will also try to find Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc designs to put up along with lights for each season. The kids love that stuff.. I would also like to finish at least one of these each month starting in March..

February Goals

These are my goals for the month of February

1. February blackwork sal (done)
2. Hearts exchange (done)
3. Have Halloween gameboard all caught up with SAL (done)
4. 1000 Stitches in The Kiss
5. Finish at least one square of unfinished RR
6. Stitch ornament for daycare trees (I think snow bonnets) (done)

I'll add pictures in the next few days...

Starting Out

February 19, 2007
Okay, I've decided to start a stitching blog. It will probably be boring to most people but it will maybe keep me on stitching track. I am an adminstrator of the ezboard Needle Nook (http://p211.ezboard.com/btheneedlenook). We have declared this the year of the WIP. I hope to get 3 or 4 of my WIPs done. I haven't been very good yet this year. I have gotten some work done on the Kiss but I need to really get to work on it. This year I'd like to finish the Kiss, Chatelaine Egypt Garden of the Nile, The Wizard by Design Works and Celtic Spring. There are a ton I want to start. I guess my plan is not to have fewer WIPS but to get some of the older ones done!!

Here is my list:
1. Spring Valley - Purple Heart
2. Egypt Garden - Chatelaine
3. Midi Mystery 1 - Chatelaine
4. The Heir - Pangea (Dimple Designs)
5. The Kiss (Phantom conversion) - Mirabilia
6. Tanya's Halloween Gameboard
7. Fortunate Traveler - Teresa Wentzler
8. Lucien , Wizard of Fire - Black Swan1
9. The Wizard(Merlin Clown) - Design Works
10. Dragon Witch - Purple Heart
11. RuneKeeper (RR to finish) - Dragon Dreams.
12. Storykeeper, Story Keep - HAED
13. Celtic Spring - L&L

I know it's a big list.