July 31, 2008

Still Stitching and an Unusual Exchange Idea

Yes, I am still here and I am still stitching, just can't show anything yet, but very, very soon :). We are still in massive remodel phase in our house, so I have only had time to stitch on exchanges. I gotta get to work on Edgars RR too and I think I have finally found what I want to stitch, I am going to make sure this weekend :).

Now the different exchange Idea. I belong to an ornament exchange but I got to thinking it would be fun to do ornies for different seasons or holidays. I have a wire tree I use to hang little ornies and smalls on and I would love to be able to decorate it with ornaments for all types of occasions and seasons. I have tons of small designs that would make good ornaments, and some flip flops ornies I've made, etc. I wonder if there are any other stitchers out there that might like the same thing? and would be interested in exchanging??


Kim B said...

I love your exchange idea! I really don't think I'm quite ready to participate in exchanges just yet, though. But I hope others will be enthused by your plan!

Jill said...

I would be interested in your exchange idea. I think that would be fun. I have a small ornie tree too but it is wood.

Amy said...

Terry, there is something for you on my blog, please visit! :-)

DaisyGirl said...

Terry! ME, Me, Me!!!!!
I'd love to do that with you!
Just let me know!

Einschies blog said...

Oh this sounds good, have you already created this group???