January 6, 2009

Since I seem to be suffering from a Serious

case of stitcher insanity, I have joined in a couple more sals of biggies so I need to adjust my year plans, LOL>

1. The HAED SAL of Black Cherry, to complete in one year (1 over 1 cross on 28)
2. Complete the BBD Mystery Sampler. Then start another BBD and so on as I finish one.
3. Get 3 pages done of HAED Dragon Charmer by Josephine Wall
4. Completed Enchanted Lair DragonWing
5. Get 3 pages (1/2 of each is my share) of Barbers Sisters (Vicki and I are doing this one together).
6. Complete Legend of Sleepy Hollow trio this year.
7. Finish the Kiss by Mirabilia as Phantom piece.
8. Make some real headway on Rosewoods Inspiration.
9. Start on Sal for Quaker Virtues.
10. Start with SAL for mystere du Grand Marquoir
11. Make a Voodoo Girl to go with the boy :)..
12. Home of a Needleworker too by LHN
13. Start Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Well now my insanity is written down, LOL..


Jeanne said...

I too am suffering from the same insanity a severe case of start-itis! All these SAL's are beckoning me. I need 48 hours in every day! Your plans sound grand and good luck this year!

Laura said...

Well, you may be insane, but you'll be ever so happy. Best wishes for your goals.

Cindy F. said...

Great goals! Best of luck:)

DaisyGirl said...

Hope for the best! That's alot to stitch! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Vonna said...

Well I think it's doable! :) LOL!