March 26, 2012

Fire Wing Eclipse - Dragon

Well I got some more of the Fire Wing Eclipse Dragon on 28ct Polstitches Rustic Rubarb.  The first dragon is finally finished only 7 more dragons to go lol.  I am so much slower it gets frustrating  but i feel like I am seeing forward movement and am accomplishing something.  So here is where i am now.
I really like this design.


Christina said...

What a great progress you made. I'm sure it must be frustrating to stitch slower. On the upside, at least you are still able to stitch.

Sharon said...

Terry, you have made some great progress! Looks good!

mdgtjulie said...

It's gorgeous. I love the colors you're using. Purple and pink are two of my faves!!

Veronica said...

Beautiful stitching, Terry. I think I'm in love with the fabric!