March 17, 2012

A New Start

Hi Everyone,

Okay I am a lot slower stitching now and have to stitch when the medications keep my hands from shaking and I have an attention span for more than 2 minutes.  Sinemet is working fairly well but we are still working on it.

So I have started Eclipse from Fire Wing Designs.  It is stitched on Polstitches 28ct Rhubarb.  I am afraid this is 4 days work, not much but at least I am stitching again.  Good Days and Bad Days, so hopefully I will be able to stitch some each day, but don't expect huge progress.  When I finish the first dragon I will go back to Tiger lily.

I will keep in touch.


Christina said...

Glad you are stitching again. I'm the slowest stitcher ever, when I have time to stitch.

Great progress.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely new stitch. Love the fabric color. Glad to hear you are stitching again.

Sharon said...

Nice to see you stitching again! Lovely colors!

Veronica said...

Happy to see you're stitching again. Very pretty colours.


Andie said...

Wow thats a fantastic design! Any progress is better than none though I imagine its frustrating for you! I hope the meds are sorted and help soon!!