October 7, 2012

Jardin d' Jour by Needlemania

after the first rotation of 10 hours (it was a WIP from last year, you can see where I started in previous post).  Not too bad if I may say so myself :).
Now back to Iris Fairy, then this one again, and then I will add my Pirate Queen to the rotation.  I will continue that way, adding one after each completed rotation, until I feek like enough are added.  As I finish one I will replace that one with another similar project.  Hope this works..


Christina said...

Looking good!!

The Crafty Princess said...

Great progress, you've completed a lot in 10 hours. I like your rotation plan. I've tried it but it I ended up with a 30 wip rotation, so had to change it again. I'm a mad lunatic serial starter!!!

Joysze said...

Both Iris Fairy and Jardin are looking so great! :D