July 25, 2007

Another First - A needleRoll

I made this one for Carol S at FGBB. I am really excited about needlerolls now. This is the first way I've seen one like this made (not that other's hadn't but I had not seen it). It was much easier for me and made it seem more finished...I know I probably shouldn't try out my firsts on other people, but I figured I had enough time if it didn't come out good I could try another one, LOL.. here it is. It is from Full Circle Designs Mini Moonshadow "A Childs Path" I did add more stuffing to the roll after I took this picture so it is puffier in person, LOL. And the end fabric is not that bright but more subdued and matches the design better, LOL..


BeckySC said...

You did a great job, Terry :) Congratulations!

Judith said...

It looks great Terry