July 12, 2007

Finished a

gift for a friend, at least the stitching part, but once again I can't show it here. As soon as I get it to her I will post a picture, should have quite a few pictures to post at the end of the month. I hate not being able to post pictures, LOL.. I am working on a needle roll design I hope to finish by the weekend. It is coming out very dainty and pretty. I need to go to Hancocks and find a pretty tan or brown fabric to go with it!!! I will make it, a pinkeep and a bourse (I hope) this weekend. I never try to do things halfway anymore. I also have goals that overshoot my time. Wish I could find a way to stitch, change diapers and feed babies all at the same time, LOL..

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Vonna said...

Well if you figure out a way to do all that please let me know :)