August 15, 2007

Seem to be on a Roll

stitching away on another exchange. This one is the What's the buzz on SBEBB. I am once again trying some new stitches, although I have now finished like it before!!! It is a lot of fun...I am having such a great time doing all these exchanges, of course, I am not doing my WIPs a lot of good, but I think I needed a break and some fun for a little while. Not that stitching my designs isn't a lot of fun, I just think sometimes you need to break away and do something different for a little while!!! This weekend I want to finish my F&S piece and maybe work on a RR..

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Vonna said...

I just finished stitching my What's the Buzz I have to finish-finish it! After the harvest exchanges and Halloween exchanges, I'm taking a wee break....I'd gotten myself into a LOT of exchanges for a year now and I need to SLOW down! :)