August 30, 2007

Stitching box dither

I am redoing the area by my end of the couch where I keep my stitching accessories etc. I made a Cat Whiskers peacock chair and I have my pretty tin by Becky and a lovely needlebook my sister made me (Just Nan). I decided I would get a Betsy Box (I believe is the name) from Sudsberry. I now have it and it is soo pretty. I was going to do the Grandma's design from Cat Whisker for the 5x5 opening, but now I just don't know, what shall I every do, anyone with any ideas???? I am just not sold on that design anymore, LOL..

1 comment:

Amy said...

Terry, I did a DT design for a Sudberry Oak box several years ago.

It looks great I think. You can use most any design you like that fits. I'm sure you have SOMETHING in your stash that will work! ;-)

Let us know what you decide!!!