June 5, 2008

Help Me (I've fallen off the wagon)

I am joining exchanges and round robins again. I guesss I just can't stop myself, I did so good the first of the year too, but definitely have fallen off the wagon. I definitely surprised myself joining round robins, since my last two never came back to me :( I've decided to join my first Neighborhood RR and I also joined a Halloween RR. The stitchers are wonderful people so I am sure I will have no repeat of the last episodes. Well off to pull children off the ceilings and chase newly walking children... Have a GREAT DAY!!!


Kim B said...

Wagons are for falling off of :)

Shelley said...

I admire you for getting on the wagon at all! I can't seem to stop myself when it comes to exchanges. The Halloween RR is my first in almost ten years because my very first RR went missing that long ago, and I still miss it. BUT - aren't we with a great group of people? I am excited to participate in one that I am confident will return to me.