June 30, 2008

Halloween RR - A little more

I got a little more done on my Halloween RR this weekend. I wish I had gotten more done, I am gonna have to kick rear to get it finished to go out, guess I may have gotten a little ambitious, LOL.. Here is what is done so far.

June 29, 2008

HOE LHN Exchange Received

from MarJean. Isn't this absolutely the best box. I love it. The design is perfect, especially since I am currently redoing my room and these colors will match beautifully!!! Thanks so much to Marjean. Also the fabric will work beautifully for some pinkeeps and she even sent the cutest little design with some fibers to complete it in!!! And boy is the feet care package going to help me!!! Oh and there was a to do list pad, but we have so much to do here, someone already grabbed it out of the package.

June 28, 2008

Halloween RR

I fnally got the lines basted on my Halloween RR. Wherever there is basting there will be a border of black and orange alternating in groups of 5 stitches. The center section will be stitched by me and it will be Barbara Ana's Haunted Halloween house in the center, A Helga Mandl saying on one side and another Halloween Saying on the other. The fabric is Enchanted Fabrics Witches Brew Belfast Linen 32ct.

June 27, 2008

Blue Ribbon Tokens of Affection

needlebook for the Make a Wish Exchange. Kelly wished for a needlebook and she likes flowers and plants. This is one of my favorites because the colors make me feel happy and it is so pretty. Kelly says she likes it so I am glad I decided on this one.

June 24, 2008

Lin's Ackworth book

I finished my page in Lin's book and mailed it on to Sandy today. I've done 4 now. I won't have another for a little while now, so I need to get to work on my Halloween RR. I also finished a needlebook for an exchange but can't show it yet. Hopefully soon though :)..

Here is the Ackworth book page. Mine is on the left..

June 19, 2008

Flowers for Sarah

is moving along. I have been stitching on about 3 different things this week, but this is the only one I can post a picture of right now, the others are for exchanges ;)...

So here is where I am at with flowers for SarahI need to get to work on setting up my Halloween RR. I think I might be getting a little over ambitious with it, LOL...We shall see, I may not get it all stitched before it needs to be passed on to Hannah...

June 16, 2008

An Exchange arrived at it's new home

so I can now post a picture of it. Both were stitched on an opalescent Silkweaver solo.
The first is a fob/pinkeep from Sweetheart Tree called Americana Star. The second is a fob I turned into a pincushion from Shepherd's Bush called Glory.

June 10, 2008

I have been stitching

although I can't yet post pictures of a couple things because they are for an exchange, but hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to..

Here is where I am on Flowers for Sarah..I think this is my favorite square on this design. This is also the second largest one, the largest on will be the final square. i still need to figure out what color fabric to use for the outside of the needlebook. It is going to be much larger than I thought. Well off to the kids!!

June 6, 2008

Halloween RR

I think I have decided on a fabric for my Halloween RR. It is Witches Brew from Enchanted Fabrics. I am not as talented as some of the other stitchers in the dyeing of my own fabric, LOL.. Here is a picture of it..

Now to figure out my central design and how to lay it out...

June 5, 2008

Help Me (I've fallen off the wagon)

I am joining exchanges and round robins again. I guesss I just can't stop myself, I did so good the first of the year too, but definitely have fallen off the wagon. I definitely surprised myself joining round robins, since my last two never came back to me :( I've decided to join my first Neighborhood RR and I also joined a Halloween RR. The stitchers are wonderful people so I am sure I will have no repeat of the last episodes. Well off to pull children off the ceilings and chase newly walking children... Have a GREAT DAY!!!

June 4, 2008

More flowers for Sarah

I got a little more stitching done on this the last few days. It has been hectic around here. I started on the second part which does stitch up quickly since it is mostly an alphabet. I am also working on an exchange which I can not post here right now.. Well off to work!

June 1, 2008

Flowers for Sarah - first Section

is done. I spent all day yesterday out on our covered deck stitching. It was hot out but there was a fantastic breeze. I took pictures of the birds coming to our bird feeders and stitched. I managed to get the first section of the needlebook stitched. The second part is an alphabet that should not be too long..