December 3, 2007

Happy Mail Day

I received a couple of fun things in the mail today. First I got my SBEBB Rabbit's Big Day exchange from Andrea. It is the cutest bunny flatfold. It is the first flatfold I have ever received, I have never tried to make one. It is beautifully stitched and finished. And I used to have a spotted rabbit as a pet when I was a teen (many, many years ago). And she sent a wonderful chart from my wishlist with the fibers. Andrea you were so very generous. Thank you so very much..I can't thank you enough, it made my day!!

Then I also got the cutest hand made card as some floss in the mail. I don't know who exactly it is from, but I love it. Whomever you are, I thank you so much. It is always so much fun to receive surprises in the mail!!

As far as my stitching goes, I finished my ornament for the NN exchange and started on the Greatgrandma design for my mom for Christmas. I am using the Hinzeit Grandmother and changing it to work. I am getting pictures of her great grandchildren for my sisters and brothers and then I bought very tiny charm frames to put on the design. It is looking pretty right now (although I only have 3 letters done, LOL)..

This week I need to make a few Christmas Gifts and work on my bourse for SBEBB..


Sharon said...

Oh, it is gorgeous! Great exchange.

Amy said...

LOVE your bunny, congrats! Cute card too!

Andrea said...

Yeah! It arrived. So glad you like it. I'd done a little detective work and thought you hadn't received a flatfold so now you have. :) Enjoy!

tkdchick said...

Gorgeous flat fold!