December 28, 2007

Year of Selfish Stitching 2008

At the Needle Nook we are starting our Year of Selfish Stitching on the First of January. There will be SALS and other things to keep us all going. I have spent so much of the last year stitching exchanges and realize that if I put that much time into my own stuff, I could accomplish great things, so here goes. BTW, I believe my year will take a couple of years, LOL..

Started want To finish:
1. Egypt Garden by Chatelaine (1/3 completed)
2. The Kiss (Phantom) Mirabilia (started)
3. The Heir - Pangaea (started)
4. Tanya Meehan Halloween Gameboard

Want to Start, not necessarily finish this year:
1. Circe - Passione Ricamo
2. Galatea - Passione Ricamo
3. Little Snap Dragon - Kustom Krafts
4. More Precious than Gold - Not sure
5. Enchanted Fairy - PR
6. Lady of the Snow - PR
7. Dragon Heart - Black Swan
8. Polyanna Lamplighters Summertime Garden
9. Mirabilia South Seas Mermaid
10. HAED New Day

Want to start and Finish:
1. Sleepy Hollow
2. JN 4 small seasons
3. JN Bluebird Box
4. Twisted Oaks Etui Pyramid
5. TW Needlebook

Started over the years-Would like to get some stitches into
1. Lucien - Black Swan
2. SanMan blackwork
3. Restart Fairy Moon (1/2 done, met with disaster)
4. Merlin Wizard
5. Baby Goyles (Janlynn)
6. AMAP Victoria Sampler
7. Personalized Quaker Samper-Martina Dey
8. Spring Valley from Purple Heart


Amy said...


I'm not saying a word! ;-)

DaisyGirl said...

Whew, that's a list! I did Fairy Moon for my sister yearssss ago! I almost had to be put done, I ended up paying my SIL to finish that piece for me! haha
Good luck!

DaisyGirl said...

Opps! Put down!